Welcome to Jones Financial Consulting, LLC

We are here to help you achieve your personal financial goals, make sound financial decisions, and achieve peace of mind regarding your finances.

Do you have a written plan forecasting income and expenses in retirement to ensure you don’t run out of money? Have recent changes in your life created uncertainty about your financial future? Do you understand the risks of your investment portfolio? Do you have family members you want to care for after you are gone? At Jones Financial, we help you answer these questions.

We specialize in comprehensive financial planning and investment guidance for pre-retirees and retirees, as well as others who must make significant financial decisions with confidence. This includes those who are selling a business, receiving a significant inheritance, finalizing a divorce, or making important financial decisions after the death of a spouse.

Jones Financial is an independent advisory firm. We act as a fiduciary for our clients. As a fiduciary, our advice and recommendations are always in your best interest. In addition, practicing as a “fee-only” advisor means we do not receive compensation based on product sales. We sell no products. We offer you our advice for a fee. There are no hidden fees, no hidden agendas.

We have a limited number of clients so we have time to provide close personal attention to each individual.

We promise to be a trusted partner that you can rely on for integrity, great service, and prudent financial advice.