During the planning process, it is important to consider the things that can go wrong with your long term plans. Death, disability, and long term care are not enjoyable topics to consider. Health insurance and property and liability insurance are necessary to protect us from serious financial loss. Hopefully you will live a long and healthy life as outlined in your retirement projections and as supported by a well considered investment portfolio. Yet, that isn’t always the case. Therefore, you may want contingency plans to care for yourself and those who depend on you.

Jones Financial does not sell insurance products, nor do we benefit financially from your purchase of insurance products from others. However, a review of insurance needs is an important part of a comprehensive financial plan. Often there are aspects of your insurance plan that relate to and must integrate with your estate plan, investment plan, and tax plan. For example, are your beneficiary designations consistent with your Will or Trust documents?

Possible questions to consider:

Life: when you die will your dependents have adequate liquid financial resources?Long term care: are you concerned about the depletion of your assets if you need expensive long term care?Disability: do you need to replace income lost during an extended time of partial or complete disability?

Jones Financial is a good starting point to discuss needs and begin the process. We can confer and work with your current insurance agent(s) or with independent resources available through Jones Financial..