Personal financial management is an important issue, but clients have a lot of other things going on in life. At Jones Financial, we adapt to the time, location, and method of communication preferred by our clients. Meeting times are available on weekdays, in the evening, on weekends, or early morning. Often some meetings with a client are in person while others are conference calls while collaborating on-line. We will meet wherever it is most convenient and comfortable for you: in your home or office, at our office, or by telephone.

Our Office Location:

Office hours are by appointment only.
We are located in Banbury Place (the old Uniroyal plant): 800 Wisconsin Street, Building DO2, Suite 405C, Eau Claire, WI, 54703.

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As you enter Banbury Place from the west on Wisconsin Street, you will see the huge Banbury sign on the connecting overpass between Banbury buildings.  If it looks like you are headed into the heart of the old factory, you are.  The building 2 entrance is on the right immediately under the huge Banbury sign.  To park, pass under the Banbury sign and find a spot in the parking lot on the left.  One hour parking is available right across from the entrance to building 2.  Occasionally you may need to negotiate around a few 18 wheelers that are picking up or delivering at other businesses.  Banbury is a busy place during the day but pretty quiet in the evening or on weekends.  After entering building 2, turn left and take the elevator to the fourth floor.  After leaving the elevator, turn left at the first hall, walk to the end, and make a quick jog to Suite 405C.