We individualize our consulting service for each client. However, typically we follow six broad steps:

  1. Listen to your concerns, gather and understand information, define your specific goals and objectives, and document how we will help
  2. Prioritize your objectives and analyze and evaluate information
  3. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives that may improve key aspects of your financial situation
  4. Decide how to proceed on each topic or issueImplement decisions
  5. Review and revise the five steps listed above periodically

Topics and issues to consider may include:

  • Retirement plans and retirement projections
  • Social security, pension benefits, and annuities
  • Investments: diversification, risk and return expectations, risk tolerance, quality of individual investments, investment expenses, and tax planning
  • Risk management and insurance coverage
  • Use of employee benefit plans
  • Roth conversions
  • Estate planning

Most important, we focus on what worries you about your financial situation and financial future.

We coordinate and work with your other advisors: tax preparer/accountant, attorney, insurance agents, and investment professionals. Working with these specialists facilitates making the best possible decisions. In addition, they may be needed to implement some aspects of your overall plan.

New financial consulting clients are charged a flat fee for comprehensive services provided by Jones Financial. Typically all work is completed within six months or less. The flat fee is quoted in advance and paid in two installments.

At the conclusion of the initial plan and implementation, you may contract with Jones Financial for an annual one year retainer to receive ongoing guidance and advice.

As an optional service, you may delegate to Jones Financial the implementation of part or all of the investment suggestions that you agree upon. This decision depends upon the needs and desires of each particular client.

How to begin? Call or email Al Jones (al@jonesfinancialconsulting.com) to set a time to talk on the phone or in person to determine if Jones Financial is a good fit for you.