Our services are flexibly designed for clients who:

take a do-it-yourself approach but want another opinion or a sounding board;work with several advisors and want an independent resource to coordinate services and advice from multiple sources;want to delegate investment management responsibility over some or all of a portfolio to Jones Financial Consulting, an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Jones Financial is best suited for individuals and families who want to gain peace of mind over a broad range of interrelated financial topics rather than address one narrow issue. Our services are designed for clients who prefer personal financial advice from a specialist who does not sell financial products.

We invest considerable time advising each client because we take this process and your satisfaction very seriously. You will also invest time in this process to make sound decisions. Working with Jones Financial is a mutual commitment to thoughtfully make the best decisions in a world of change and uncertainty. This is a working partnership as we help you achieve your financial goals.

It is not our objective to become a large business with hundreds of clients. Rather, we choose to have a limited number of clients so we can provide each with close personal attention.

Client meetings may be held at your office or home, our office, or another convenient location that offers privacy and is conducive to open discussion.